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      Makeup Session




Whether you are celebrating your birthday, going on a date 

or you simply want to experience professional makeup artistry,

let us take care of you!


Our signature  makeup application

will have you looking absolutely stunning.









Private Makeup Class




This is a Private One-on-One class tailored to each client. 

In this engaging 60 minutes class,

you wil learn basics of applying makeup,

correct face contouring,

custom color matching,concealing correcting techniques,

eyeshadow application,

false lashes application and many beauty and makeup tricks.




Lash Services


Choose from our extensive collection of false strip lashes by Posh Lashes

We carry wide variety of synthetic fiber lashes

Human Hair lashes,

Mink and Horse Hair lashes. 

We will  teach you how to properly use and apply them.


*If you purchase 5 or more boxes of lashes,application is FREE.


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